Kamagnava, is it a word, is it a name? It is not to be said that it is a thing, that it is tangible, it could just as well be a thought or a fantasy. When you search for Kamagnava, you will find no satisfying answer.

In fact, for someone it could be nearly anything, for someone other it could be meaning nothing at all. For me Kamagnava represents everything that makes inquisitive for remarkable proportions, curious for a not-seen part, amazed by a peculiar detail. Everything extraordinary that makes the mind wonder, everything that makes the world around us a little bit different and makes us see ordinary things as remarkable and interesting, that is what Kamagnava is for me.

With my pictures I want to call a a certain alienated atmosphere to provoke the mind to roam about, play with the strange structures and maybe even create a whole new imagionaire world, or, of course, just enjoy it, like I enjoyed making the picture.

I, for one, feel that certain pictures make my mind clear, make reality look well-ordered and have the pleasant characteristic to please and to make a little uneasy at the same time.

These are the kind of pictures I want to shoot. I just started and am fully aware of the fact that the possibilities are countless, that I probably never will be able to perceive them all, not even if I would live for a hundred years or more. But that does not discourage me, I watch carefully around me, to discover as much as possible, every day, everywhere I go.

And every time I succeed in making a photo that tickles the mind a little and at the same time suits the eye of the beholder, a big smile appears on my face!

Briefly, I published some of my photo's here, and I hope they 'll urge your curiosity.